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Why Hire Seed?
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Why Hire Seed?

Anyone can put a SEED in the ground.  But it takes knowledge, experience and a green thumb to grow that SEED into a healthy, fruit-bearing tree.

Incorporating your foundation and filing for tax-exempt status can be a complex and confusing process.  Add to this the nuts and bolts of starting a new organization and the strategic planning behind it, and you've got quite a project.  And then there are the many IRS regulations that must be followed.

To effectively accomplish all of these tasks, comply with IRS requirements and avoid embarrassment, you would need to hire a lawyer, an accountant, a financial planner and a competent administrator all with nonprofit experience.  SEED provides all of these services and more in one place.  SEED's full-service approach will serve your specific needs while making sure your foundation runs efficiently and is properly managed.  We will water your SEED and nurture it as it grows and develops strong roots in the community

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